About Us

Middlechase is an award-winning property development company.

Middlechase is an award-winning property development company committed to connecting people with investment property assets that deliver amazing cash-flow.

Founded in 2010, we rolled out a vision of helping property buyers become cashflow landlords. We have been helping dissatisfied investors build property assets that produce cash flow for them.

Hence Middlechase is regarded as The No. 1 Rental Income Developer. We changed the narrative as we pioneered cash-flow property in the Nigerian Market in 2019. It’s a big part of our mission that drives what we do and the reason some of our investors own income property of up to about 16 rental apartments. The reason is simple… Everyone wants more than just real estate equity. They want real estate that produces cash flow.

Fortunately, we are so passionate about our customer’s desire to get the most out of their real estate assets. So, this is what we are about at Middlechase. We have pioneered real estate investment opportunities that weren’t available to the everyday investor.