Should Women Invest in Real Estate?

Wande acquires a landed property or a house from one of the best real estate companies and is ecstatic about her new win. She has worked hard these past years as a banker and has striven hard to own various properties over the course of her career. She only got married a few years back and some friends are advising her to put the name of her husband on the documents for her new property, even her mother says “it’s a sign of respect to her husband”.

Wande doesn’t share their sentiments and wonders why her husband’s name should be on her property documents, something she spent her hard earned money for.


We see this scenario play out one too many times. Very familiar right? Yes, it’s something many women can relate to especially in a country like ours. Society expects that women shrink themselves or at least try to settle for lower positions. They give higher regard to men and their achievements. Also, with ownership of properties or investments, the female counterpart is expected to make her husband a sole signatory or even outright owner of it.

Oftentimes, single ladies are told to limit their successes materially in order not to ‘intimidate’ or “scare” potential suitors away. What do you feel about this? Is this proper or even acceptable?

Should women own investments and rental income properties?

At what point do you consider it inappropriate when women are asked to take such decisions to their discredit?

While you think of that, let’s consider why women really should have investments especially in the real estate market.


We all know how women have a contact person for everything they need right? She just has the numbers of people for different services at her finger tips.This is a great asset in the business world as she can always inform her group of friends or members of her clique of investment opportunities. When women see an investment opportunity they waste no time sharing to their friends and who it might be of benefit to. Their connections and networking on most occasions succeed as they are more likely than men to foster a close circle of friends. Overachievers as they tend to be with jobs and tasks, women will and do succeed in the real estate market. Records clearly show this.


Women, married or not like to be in charge of their finances and be at the top of their game. Women with these qualities look out for opportunities to multiply their money and real estate is the perfect market for that. A woman needs to be financially responsible for herself regardless of the men in her life, husband, brother or father. The self respect is second to none.


The real estate economy has experienced great exponential growth and is still recording an increase in recent years.The best part is that you could decide not to be actively involved.


Because the investment market has been saturated by men for the longest, women who dare to take this path are respected and are more likely to be seen as mentors and experts in the field.We all know what they say right?’ Women run the world’ and with good cause. The influence of a woman cannot be overemphasized.



I’ve got financial goals I hope to reach. You do too I believe. These goals and timelines we set for ourselves spur us on to make financial decisions that ultimately bring us to that goal. With the variety of investments in the economy, all it takes is for you to take a step in the right direction. Real estate allows you to either purchase landed properties that appreciates over time or buy into rental income properties. This affords you steady cash flow all from the comfort of your home.

Be a money smart woman today and buy that property in your name!! Contact us for the best deals at 08137956975.

See you soon

Tife Adejinmi

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  1. In the world of today, women really need to stand up for themselves, own whatever they can especially in the area of investments. Women need to be smart, the disadvantages of not doing so are not to be trifle with.

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