The Home You Deserve!!

Having a safe and secured place for residence makes it easier to achieve life goals.

People believe “Home is where the heart is”. There is no place like home and over the centuries, people have tried to make homes for themselves.

When creating your all-important dream home, there’s nothing more important than knowing what makes a house a home, and not just any home, YOUR HOME. It’s more than just wood and nails, bricks and blocks. 

Creating a home is making a space that is uniquely yours, that expresses you and how you want to live your life. And most importantly, it helps you become the best version of yourself.

Your home reminds you of your own deepest values and hopes and inspires you to realize them.

Home is a primary need for everyone. A person is recognized by his or her home. It provides us better security, privacy etc. It’s also a place where people love you, care for you and a vault where memories are kept.

Our connection to home is the basic thread in our lives that pops up automatically in casual conversion. When we purchase a home we look for it to give us a comfortable, healthy atmosphere. A place where we can feel safe and relax. We invest not only in the house but in our dreams and hopes also.

Thinking about a place of comfort, relaxation and natures beauty at its peak, then think “Tiara Foreshore”

At Tiara Foreshore Estate, elegance and simplicity is expressed so effortlessly, with a relaxing and welcoming ambience. This Estate is specifically designed for those who understand the true definition of fun and luxury. For those who love the outdoors you cannot miss a ‘lovable veranda with a beautiful view of the lagoon, sand and the sun’ and all that mother nature has blessed earth with and for those who desire a true home.

Tiara Foreshore estate come with the following mindblowing features:

  • Aqua Jetty
  • Artificial Lake
  • Golf Course
  • Sport Facility
  • Welcome Center 
  • 24hours Security/CCTV 
  • Waterfront living apartments
  • Private Boat 
  • Children playground 
  • Helipad 
  • Cricket field 
  • Swimming pool
  • Quad Biking Track

To learn more about the estate download the brochure via the button below.

You can also indicate your interest via any of the following medium; 

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  2. Call: +234 09025664194 OR
  3. Email sales@middlechase,com

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The Home You Deserve!!

Having a safe and secured place for residence makes it easier to achieve life goals.

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