When Should you Start Planning your Retirement?

Retirement?? You might ask Yes, your retirement. I don’t think you plan to work forever. Or do you? As for me, I don’t mind being told that I need not work any more days in my life. You know just living the baby girl life and having boat cruises around the world. Lol, Forgive my manners.

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But seriously speaking, are you planning or working towards your retirement days? How do you plan to achieve all you’ve planned? Is it all going to be left entirely to chance? Picture this, You’re about 80 years of age with your wife or husband in a random house. You’re both confined to the walls of the home and restricted in your outings. In your head, you really wish to be in a penthouse overlooking the ocean somewhere with your significant other and eating the best of meals; visiting the choicest locations in the world, and making more memories in your grey years. Beautiful right? Most definitely. 

We all wish well for ourselves and have been designed by the creator to plan for a life of blissful eternity. It comes naturally to us as humans. Although this is true, actions have to back up thoughts and wishes in order for them to materialize. This led to the question that serves as the topic of this article.

Retirement, a time to enjoy all the things you never had time to do when you worked.

I believe that retirement should become uppermost in the mind of any focused individual working either in the public or private sector. One day, sooner or later, strength diminishes and the quality of our work output and life, in general, will be reduced when compared to the younger years. These are the times one needs to relax and enjoy all one has labored for. We all have varied goals and aspirations but I’m sure that a common goal is a retirement. To enjoy these grey years, planning has to start early enough.

Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance.

Early enough would suggest that you start probably as soon as you get your first paycheck or need I say as long as you are old enough to know what money means. Let’s give an age bracket and say your twenties. While we are young, responsibilities are little and almost non-existent but as we mature, many things require our financial commitments. You definitely would not want to go begging to fulfill these obligations so after yesterday, today is the next best time to start. There’s also the advantage of strength to work harder thereby giving the luxury of time to save, invest and compound interest.

Let’s explain it in more graphic terms. Compounding interest is like rolling a ball of snow down a hill. The more surface area it covers, the more snow it picks up, and the larger the ball of snow becomes. The ball of snow can be likened to your investment portfolio and the slope of your years in life.

There are many things you can invest in that would compound your interests in the long run. Examples of such would include stocks, bonds, fixed assets, rental income, and many more.

The advantage of rental income property investment over other types of investment cannot be overemphasized. With rental property, you earn while you sleep as it were. That piece of land you acquired a few years back has more value than it did then and the value gets higher. Land doesn’t shift and as long as proper documentation has been done, your land is yours for life. Think of the possibilities of rental income you earn after you develop the property.

All in all, start out on your retirement plans early enough so that you can chill on that penthouse mentioned earlier when you are old and grey.

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Tife Adejinmi 

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