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Middlechase Property Limited, is a multiple award-winning registered and accredited real estate sales and marketing company  Founded in 2010. We rolled out a vision of helping property buyers become cashflow landlords and we have successfully helped over 1000 investors build property assets that produce cash flow for them. 

We changed the narrative as we pioneered cash-flow property in the Nigerian Market in 2019. Cashflow for our subscribers and clients is a big part of the mission that drives what we do and the reason some of our investors own income property of up to 16 rental apartments and more. The reason is simple… Everyone wants more than just real estate equity. They want real estate that produces cash flow. Fortunately, we are so passionate about our customer’s desire to get the most out of their real estate assets.

Our Mission 

Ensuring that every subscriber enjoys EVERYDAY CASHFLOW on their properties. We try as much as possible to discourage lazy asset ownership and as such provide our subscribers with properties that have the uniqueness of RENTAL INCOME.

We Understand Your Needs

As a company that understands the needs of the people, we not only create mind-blowing structures and exquisite designs that meet every modern-day lifestyle in strategic locations but also make sure that our investors become lifetime cash flow landlords while enjoying capital gain and appreciation. Hence, an opportunity to make money from their properties.

We are not just a leader in the industry but also a pacesetter. Our expertise is being heard from government officials, top newspapers and magazines, celebrities, legal practitioners, realtors, highly skilled professionals, and clients to mention but a few. Even the kids are not left out! Based on this social proof, we’re able to sell out 120units of apartments in less than a month.

Our Properties are located on Lagos Island and Lagos Mainland. Our properties are strategically located in the hottest areas in Lagos State, Nigeria that promises high returns. These locations were carefully selected with you in mind.

We are Technology Inclined

Middlechase Property Limited offers a new way of investing in property by offering you the possibility of buying professionally managed private, residential or commercial properties, with all the advantages that come with rental income. Our Web App www.middlechase.com provides a convenient platform for the property acquisition process. Users can search and browse properties exclusively marketed by Middlechase Property Limited, make payments, book inspections, manage, and monitor their assets with ease from the comfort of their devices.

What this platform offers to Investors:

  1. Sales support
  2. Property Inspection scheduling
  3. Seamless and intelligent Asset Management system
  4. Access To Verifiable Real estate Projects 
  5. Seamless Sales Processes and Management 

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity: Integrity is the foundation on which our team builds relationships and trust, and it is one of the fundamental values that we cultivated and nurtured among our team irrespective of your position in the organization. If we can’t trust each other, the team does not perform well and the mission will fail. To our clients, we try our best to ensure that all promises made are kept.
  1. Objectivity: In Middlechase respect and fairness is accorded to everyone, It doesn’t matter whether someone has money or not, they must be treated fairly. Every decision is not made based on the opinions of one person, group or ethnicity, our decisions are backed by facts, general beliefs and or the laws associated with that specific circumstance or situation. 
  1. Transparency: When it comes to our business operations, we ensure that we provide clarity to our clients, subscribers, and users. We support openness and clear communications, it is the value embodied and demonstrated in our day-to-day operations. This value is even more portrayed in the platform we have created, which gives our users the opportunity to make effective property ownership decisions, manage, and view all their transactions at will, with any device and from anywhere in the world.

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— Coach Chudi Kalu

Chairman Of Board

Chudi Onyemeri Kalu is a passionate Property Investor and award-winning Property Developer. He is the Chairman and Co-founder of various establishments across the real estate and construction industry. He is a rental income coach, a Speaker and Author of two best selling books. He has over a decade of experience in the Industry and is a mentor to many.

He is well known for his foresight and knowledge of the Real Estate Industry. He started the trend of Rental Income Development and the concept of Cash Flow in Nigeria. His goal is to share the knowledge and the tools that will empower people to be better Investors and Property Developers.

One of his great achievements include developing unique multi-family apartments that are affordable and able to yield maximum cash flow to owners and investors. He’s the President/ Chairman of Arkbridge Integrated Limited, the mother company to Africa’s Property Investment Group, Property Baron Network, Middlechase Property Limited, Silverstone Managers, Add More Homes and Lastly A-Bricks.